MP40 diaphragm pump Bean R5 pump Bean R 10 Pump
MP40 Bean R5B Bean R10 Bean RH10
Bean R2020 pump Bean R630 pump Bean R660D pump
Bean R2020 Bean R630 Bean R660D
Bean 125V pump Bean 130V pump JB2S pump
Bean 125V,H Bean 130V,H Bean JB2S
Bean pumps are exceptionally designed and meticulously built out of the finest materials. They all have cast iron cases; positive-action disc-type hardened stainless steel valves; non-wearing ceramic cylinders for long life and corrosion resistance; heavy-duty, oversized ball bearings; spring-loaded seals to keep oil in and dirt out and all working parts are totally enclosed and lubricated in an oil bath. Quality in a pump is more than than long-lasting dependable performance. Minimal maintenance and easy service is also important. Bean piston and centrifugal pumps. The big difference is quality!


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