3 cylinder positive displacement pump
Pump completely enclosed. All parts lubricated by oil
Bronze pistons pin bushings
Replaceable steel back tri-metal connecting rod bearing shells
Cast iron crossheads with non-floating steel pistons pins
Maximum duty Timken type roller bearings on crankshaft with two single row high torque ball bearings on countershaft
Non-wearing ceramic cylinders for long life and corrosion resistance 
Plunger packing can be replaced without removal of manifold
Gears on the countershaft and eccentric crankshaft feature Helical cut teeth for long life, better load transmission, and quiet power transfer at all times
Gasketed type valve porting for easy accessibility 
Pump is driven by 3, "B"-type V-belts


3 pistons 2 1/4" diameter
30 GPM
700 PSI
960 Max RPM-360 Min RPM
225 lbs.

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