Citrus Juice Processing Equipment

Contact us for all of your Juice Processing Equipment needs, from individual pieces
to entire Turn-Key processing plants. We can supply you with the
equipment that you require. New and used citrus processing equipment available.

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Some examples of available equipment are below
 {unloading ramp}  {stainless roller conveyor}
 Fruit Receiving / Unloading Equipment Conveying Equipment
 {Washer}  {bucket elevator}
 Washers Bucket Elevators
Grade Tables  Sizer
 {Refurbished Brown Model 400 Extractors}  {finishers}
Extractors- Refurbished Brown Model 400 Finisher
 {centerfuge}  {T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator}
Centrifuges T.A.S.T.E. Evaporators
 {concentrate blend tanks}  {storage tanks in tank farm}
Blend Tanks Storage Tanks


Insulated Tanker Trucks Feed Mills


For more information, please contact:

Global Citrus Resources, Inc.
Tel: (863) 606-8666